pikachu's mystical garden

i believe the title says it all, friend.

I feel a bit awkward about this

While that statement above is basically something i’ve said for about 90% of moments that make up my life, it really just applies right now, me writing on the internet like this. i don’t have any friends on tumblr. InĀ  fact, that makes me feel quite unliked. (forever alone, if you will.) I mean, i’ve been here for months, just hangin’ by myself in Pikachu’s mystical garden (i think i was a bit sleep deprived when i made that little diamond up.) Why doesn’t anyone like me?!?! i don’t want to talk to myself! Although, i do do that a lot when alone, even though sometimes i think i’m alone and i start saying things to myself when i realize that, in fact, i’m not really alone and someone was there that whole time just watching me in shocked and frightened silence. Which is what i’m doing right now, i suppose. i’m not crazy. i promise.